Enrol - Team Members and Team Leaders

istockphoto 838954982 170667aEnrol here before April 13 for the 2022 Global Enterprise Experience for all participants except Leader Coaches. Enroling to participate is free.

You have the option to upgrade to GEE Peer-Leader Plus  for USD 630 for:

  • Access to the webinars, tutorials, personal coaching, and peer-group support networks
  • Assessment of your work, accreditation, and a Certificate of Peer-Leader Excellence based on your level of achievement
  • Entitlement to use the Director of the Global Enterprise Experience as a referee for job, study and business investment applications based on the assessment of your work and your contribution to your team. 

Team leaders are appointed before the contest. The role is firstly offered to those from sponsoring organisations and then to GEE Peer-Leader Plus enrolees. Those who step up during the contest to a team leader role through necessity or by invitation from the assigned leader receive a scholarship from Te Kaihau Ltd so they can access GEE Peer-Leader Plus benefits.  

See here for details of pricing and benefits


Enrol - Leadership Coaches

Leadership mEnrol here for the Leadership Coach role before March 7, 2022.  Enrolment is now closed.

To enrol for the Leadership Coach programme you must have managerial experience in the workforce or voluntary group, access to excellent internet coverage seven days a week, and access to a private space for online conversations. 

Leadership Coaches receive a full training programme, personal coaching, practice runs with colleagues on the programme, facilitated online peer-network to teach-and-learn with other leadership coaches, and the opportunity to engage in coaching with Global Enterprise Experience leaders and team members at times that you choose to offer.

The cost is USD 1,750. The early bird rate of USD 1,365 applies up till February 14. See administrative details here and the coaching programme hereYou or your sponsor will be invoiced after enrolment. 


Apply - New Venture Award NZ$4,000

Any participant, or group of participants, may apply for the NZ$4,000 New Venture Award as seed funding to make their team's proposal happen.  Apply between May 18 - 22.  You will receive a personal link to the application site during the contest.  We will already have your team proposal, so this application is brief; less than 200 words.


Change Your Enrolment

If you need to remove an enrolment, change a partner, change details or you have any other queries please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Peer-Leadership Self-Evaluation

images for teamwork clipart 11 freeThe Global Enterprise Experience encourages all participants to be peer leaders - that is taking joint responsibility for team creativity, team productivity, team problem solving, team unity and coaching others to succeed.  After enrolling, log in with your email address and ID number to complete this self-evaluation questionnaire of your peer-leadership skills.