"a unique experience that provides you with a wider perspective on the way you see the world"

"Having the opportunity to talk frankly with
others my age who face a very different reality
was humbling and inspirational." 

GEE logo circle backgroundJoin a Global Team

Develop your skills as a global leader, a creative problem solver, a social entrepreneur, and a citizen of the world!  Learn to develop proposals that attract funds.  Enrol, and we will place you on a team of eight members from radically diverse countries.


GEE logo circle backgroundThe Challenge

Your global team connects online to develop a six-page business concept proposal for a profitable venture that addresses a UN Sustainable Development Goal using limited capital. Win awards, prize money, certificates, and seed capital.


GEE logo circle backgroundCoach Team Members

Learn coaching techniques to improve staff performance and wellbeing. Enjoy peer support from other managers learning coaching skills, and apply your skills to grow our global team members' potential to be changemakers for a better world.



The Global Enterprise Experience won a United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and BMW Group award for its global impact on growing leaders who can join forces across cultural divides to make a difference in our world. Enjoy this UNAOC video describing the contest.

Every year participants from hundreds of universities and organisations across the globe choose to compete for honours in the only contest of its kind.

istockphoto 838954982 170667aEnrol as a team member and at 01:00 UTC on April 24, 2024 you will discover the names and countries of the eight people in your team. Over the next three weeks, you will forge bonds with your team, spark creative ideas for a profitable business to address a UN Sustainable Development Goal, jointly choose the best idea, research, analyse and submit your six-page business concept proposal to international judges.

It is free to enter with no restrictions on who may enrol. You can win awards, certificates, and seed funding to turn your team project into a new venture that impacts lives or the environment.

shutterstock 300282395 paid forEnrol in GEE-Plus to supercharge your Global Enterprise Experience. Choose the full team leadership role, or remain a team member learning peer-leadership skills that ignite colleagues' performance. In this experiential learning programme you learn leadership, innovation, social entrepreneurship, and personal growth. Receive personal coaching to thrive in the face of challenges. Earn an internationally recognised micro-credential from Victoria University of Wellington. Enjoy the peer-support of other changemakers drawing together team members from remote villages and great cities to jointly design a social enterprise for a better world.  

Coaching hand up square2Enrol as a leader coach for an intensive learning programme in coaching skills, facilitated peer support, practical experience coaching GEE leaders, and coaching skills accreditation from Victoria University of Wellington. Coaching is the emerging leadership skill in business and government. It impacts wellbeing, performance, organisation culture, and relationships. 

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