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Develop your skills as a global changemaker engaging with colleagues from across the globe.  Foster your creativity to find sustainable solutions to the world's complex issues.  Learn how to put together a business concept proposal that can attract funds and support.  And raise your social entrepreneurship skills to create profitable solutions for social and enviromental issues.   

You will be placed in a team of eight members drawn from six to eight countries. Teams compete, not countries. Your team will communicate via the cloud to produce a social enterprise proposal.  


Be a peer-leader

Peer-leaders matter. They are the people who see a need and step up to the challenge – regardless of their designated role. There is a famous quote from Margaret Mead about peer-leaders; “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has".

All participants are expected to be peer-leaders - that is taking joint responsibility for team creativity, team productivity, team problem solving, team unity and coaching others to succeed.  As a peer-leader you also support your designated team leader in their role to guide the team.

Learn more through reading the reflections from past peer-leader winners, and checking out our Peer-Leadership Self-Evaluation to understand the qualities that we expect of you.

The top peer-leaders wins the University of Otago Business School Champion Global Peer-Leader Award and NZ$1,000 prize money.


How do I become a team leader?

There are three ways you can step up to become the overall team leader:

  1. You are a member of a sponsoring organisation. The team leaders are appointed before the start of the contest and receive training and support.
  2. You enrolled in the Peer-Leader Plus programme so receive priority rights to any team leader roles
  3. You are invited to be a co-leader during the contest by your team leader because of your high performance. As a co-leader you will be given access to all of the same materials and support as the leaders.  
  4. Sometimes the designated team leader fails to fire. If so, promptly reach out to the leader to see if there is an issue, offer help, alert the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and keep communicating with your team. You may need to step up to lead the team. If so, let the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. know and you will be given access to all of the leader training and support. 


Enrolment and Cost

Enrol here between February 22 to April 13. You may choose to enrol as a single or with a partner. The partner needs to know the first enrolee's email address.

After enrolling, we will ask you to send a brief bio to share with your team members, and complete a five-minute self-evaluation of your peer-leadership skills.

Enrolment to be a team member is free. You receive support and are eligible for awards, prize money, a certificate and letter of commendation.

The Peer-Leader Plus option costs USD630. Check out the Peer-Leader Plus Programme. A comparison of the Peer-Leader, Peer-Leader Plus, Leader, and Leader Coach programmes are here


Peer-Leader Plus: Add training, support, & accreditation

GEE PlusTeam members can choose to upgrade to Peer-Leader Plus for USD630. The additional benefits are:

  • Membership of a facilitated peer support group on Zoom to share and learn with colleagues from the experience
  • Access to personal coaching 
  • Access to a full suite of interactive webinars on leadership skills, personal development, developing a business concept proposal, social enterpreneurship, the UNSDGs, innovation and coaching
  • Access to a peer group for networking and learning materials
  • Assessment with feedback of your team proposal, personal reflection and 360 degree feedback
  • Accreditation of your level of excellence in global peer-leadership 
  • A transcript of your results
  • Entitlement to the Director of the Global Enterprise Experience being a referee for you, based on the results of your contribution to your GEE team effort.


Team Proposal

unsdg LogoTeams develop a six-page business concept proposal for a low initial cost venture that profitably progresses a United Nations Sustainable Development Goal
The topic is deliberately broad, so projects will vary widely such as focusing on poverty, hunger, health, wellbeing, education, clean water, sanitation, energy, environment, inequalities, responsible production and consumption, peace or justice. 
The project could be based in a developed or developing country or between countries. You will need to use your creativity to design an innovative project that achieves social goals but is also profitable. Earning a profit ensures the venture is self-sustaining.
Learn more through reading the proposals from past winners, the assessment criteria for business concept proposals, and the rules of the contest
Peer-Leadership Reflection and Feedback

Write a reflection of your Global Enterprise Experience highlighting your peer-leadership including giving and receiving coaching. The reflection is under 1000 words and due on May 22. Judges are more interested in your insight, effort, and stretch outside your comfort zone than excellence. Check out the requirements for the peer-leader reflection, and the assessment criteria for peer-leadership awards. 

Take 15 minutes to complete your 360° online anonymous feedback of the peer-leadership contribution of your eight team members by May 22. Those winning awards write thoughtful feedback for their colleagues. You will receive your team members' feedback of you in early June.


Make your team idea happen 

If you are looking to become a social entrepreneur, and are keen to make your team's project happen in your country, then you may wish to apply for the New Venture Award by May 22. The winner will receive NZ$4,000 to help get the venture started.  You will be emailed your personal link to submit an application. See the past winning projects

2022 contest dates

At 01:00 GMT on April 27 you will receive details of your eight team members. For three weeks you will work together to develop your proposal to submit by May 18.  


Who may enrol

Enrolment is open to anyone in tertiary education or graduates in the workforce or contributing to a voluntary organisation. To date 14,500 participants from 800 universities and 200 organisations in 126 countries have taken part. 

This is the 19th contest. The Global Enterprise Experience won the Intercultural Innovation Award from the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and the BMW Group for its global impact on growing leaders who can change our world.

You may wish to invite others to be a team member. Here is a poster, invite letter to participate, and our Facebook page 



University of Otago Champion Global Peer-Leader - NZ$1,000

Victoria University of Wellington Champion Global Team - NZ$500 for each team member

Windeaters New Venture Award - NZ$4,000 seed money for an individual to make their team's project proposal happen

New Zealand Police Be Safe, Feel Safe Awards

Certificate and Letter of Commendation - For all completing participants

Certification and Transcript of Results - For Peer-Leader Plus members

Only those who have their name on the team proposal, and submitted their personal reflection and 360° feedback on time are eligible for any awards, certificates or letters of commendation


Award ceremonyParliament NZ Coaching Award

The 2022 award ceremony will be held in New Zealand's parliament on June 23 and live streamed from 7:10pm NZ time. New Zealand participants represent their overseas colleagues. The GEE organiser will send you your awards, prize money and recognition.