• Knight News Challenge
  • Jake McInteer (New Zealand) - Winner 2013 ANZ Champion Team Award

    The whole process has ... given me a glimpse of what it means to be a global leader, now and in the future

  • A.J. Liebling

    Unity in diversity is what makes this contest
    beautiful and important


Developing Global Leaders

The Global Enterprise Experience is an international business competition that develops skills in managing across cultures, time zones, world views and levels of wealth and poverty.  It builds a mindset for creating successful business ventures that tackle social and environmental issues.

The 2014 contest will run from March 26 to April 16 and the prize giving will be held in May 2014. Enrolment will run from January 8 to March 12, it is free, and there are no restrictions on who may enrol. Participants usually enrol as pairs, although single enrolments are also accepted. On March 26 enrollees receive an email introducing them to their team of eight members. All teams will have members from countries that are rich and poor, big and small, with diverse world views and time zones. Multinational teams compete, not countries. Participants are generally students, graduate or undergraduate, who are studying international business, international relations, development, peace studies, management, business communications, information systems or marketing. Participants have also included entrepreneurs and citizens seeking to foster their skills in working in global teams. To date 5,200 students from 180 universities in 72 countries have participated.

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