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    "Having the opportunity to talk frankly with
    others my age who face a very different reality
    was humbling and inspirational." 

  • Georgia.jpg

    "a unique experience that provides you with a wider perspective on the way you see the world"

  • A.J. Liebling

    Unity in diversity is what makes this contest
    beautiful and important

  • JakebyJake.jpg

    The whole process has ... given me a glimpse of what it means to be a global leader, now and in the future ”


Developing Global Leaders

If you enrol, we will place you onto a global team of eight members from radically diverse countries and world-views.

You will learn who your team members are at 01:00 UTC on April 22, 2015. Your team will have three weeks to develop a six-page business concept proposal.  The 2015 challenge is to develop an idea that profitably addresses the needs of the vulnerable in society.

This contest will develop your skills as a global leader, a social entrepreneur and a citizen of the world.

It is free to enter, with prize money, and with no restrictions on who may enrol.

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